Join Us – On Stage

The smell of the grease paint, the raw of the crowd.

Edge Productions are always looking for enthusiastic and talented individuals to join our group whether in a principle part, minor role or as a member of the chorus.

What if I've not been on stage before (or not since school)?
Don't worry! No had many of our existing members. The show's director, along with your fellow cast members, will pass on their knowledge and experience and teach you everything you need to know about stagecraft. All you need is willingness to learn, dedication and a little imagination.

What if I cannot act/sing/dance?
That's what you think! You'd be surprised how many new members have said "I can’t", and yet after a few months of rehearsals, have gone up on stage and performed like the best of them.  When casting for a show, we make every effort to fit people into roles so as to make the best of their abilities. That's what auditions are for - so that we can get some sort of idea what you are capable of. Don't underestimate your own abilities though; you never know what you can achieve until you try.

If you're still hesitant, there's no need to leap into a major role straight away. Why not build up your confidence and ability with a line here and a song and dance there or as a member of the chorus.

Edge Productions begin rehearsing about three months prior to the show. We rehearse over three nights per week but you will not be expected to attend all three. Wednesday nights are set aside for the director to work with the principals (lead roles); the chorus are taught their routines on a Thursday and Monday is the night that it is all joined together!  Nearer to show time, we will also have the occasional Sunday rehearsal

If you. work shifts you won't be able to attend every one but we are quite used to this and can work around it, provided you let us know in advance.

What about learning all those lines, will I be able to?
Yes! Everyone learns their lines by different methods and at different speeds. You will have to put in some practice outside of rehearsals though.  Learning lines isn't as bad as you might imagine. Remember, you'll usually have 3 months (or more) to master them.

Why Stage Make-up?
Bright stage lights have a bleaching effect on your appearance (like a photograph with too much flash). Therefore, you need to use make-up just to make yourself look normal onstage. Plus, the people at the back of the audience are some 100+ ft away from the stage, they still need to be able to distinguish your features and expressions so, we use make-up for emphasis.

In addition, make-up can be used to great effect to alter your appearance, making you older/younger, fatter/thinner, more evil, happier etc. Stage make-up is formulated for these conditions, and so is generally heavier and more opaque that that used for TV or day wear. You may look like a red-Indian in war paint at close quarters; but not from where the audience sit. Again, you'll be shown what you need and how to apply your make-up, it's not that difficult, you'll soon get the hang of it.