2000 Me and My Girl

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Set in the 1930s, this is the story of a Cockney invasion of aristocratic ranks.
When the 13th Earl of Hareford dies the family solicitor reveals that, in his youth, he secretly married a working class woman. Sadly she died shortly after giving birth, and the child, a son (Bill), was raised by her family.

The Earl’s will states that his estate should pass to his secret son. As executors of the Earl’s will, the formidable Duchess and her childhood sweetheart, Sir John, are charged with ensuring that the heir is "fit and proper" for the role. Hence, Bill, a true-blue cockney from Lambeth, who is unaware of his heritage, is summoned to Hareford Hall, accompanied by girlfriend Sally.

One of the houseguests, the flighty Lady Jacqueline, despite being engaged to Gerald, has designs on marrying the new Earl too, and attempts to seduce him. The Duchess and Sir John set about bringing Bill "up to scratch". However, the pair disagree about Sally’s suitability to become the Lady of Hareford Hall.

As events twist and turn, the young couple are forced to make sacrifices for the one they love, and everyone has to reconsider their positions. In the end, of course, true love conquers all and both sides of the class divide are happily, if somewhat innocently, united.

The show is full of toe-tapping songs some of which may be familiar to you,such as: "Me and My Girl", "The Lambeth Walk", "The Sun Has Got His Hat On", "Love Makes The World Go Round", "Leaning On A Lampost".

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