2001 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

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Set in Baghdad in the heart of ancient Arabia, this story is based on one of many featured in "1001 Arabian Nights". It followed the fortunes of a poor merchant Ali Baba and his family and friends.

When Ali gets lost in a sandstorm, he finds himself outside the magic cave of Al Rascal, the feared leader of the infamous Forty Thieves. Ali watches as the secret to entering the cave is revealed, and when the coast is clear, he "liberates" a little of the robbers' stolen booty.

Laden with his new found wealth, he returns home, thinking that all his troubles are all over. Little does he know they’ve only just begun! It’s a great story which kept everyone riveted to the end, as Ali and his family attempted to evade the clutches of the wily Al Rascal and escape with their lives.

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