2003 Babes in the Wood

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Tis the 12th century in olde England and King Richard the Lionheart is away on the crusades. Back home, the Sheriff of Nottingham has plenty of troubles - his spending is exceeding the income he derives from the horrendous taxes he imposes on the inhabitants of Nottingham, and the rich are being terrorised by the outlaw Robin Hood.
Furthermore, he has to look after his ward Maid Marion, who he is determined to prevent from falling for a "commoner".
Little does he know, she is a childhood sweetheart of Robin Hood.
Meanwhile, Ann Ville, the only daughter of a local blacksmith who was forced to take over the family business is fed up of her job and decides to quit. Fortunately, Bumbles, the Sheriff's hapless handyman, with whom she is smitten, helps her get a job as Marion's maid.

Then the Sheriff's brother dies and he is expected to look after his orphan niece and nephew, Sammy and Susie. Soon, "the babes", who are a typical pair of kids, turn up on his doorstep along with their nurse, the exuberant Molly Coddle, and their boisterous dog, Widdles. They quickly settle in to his baronial home, but he is far from happy about this, until he learns that the babes come with a wealthy inheritance. So, he decides drastic action is required, and hires a pair of rogues, Dastardly Dave and Nasty Nick, to lure the babes into the woods and "dispose" of them, in order that he can inherit their fortune.

Presiding over the whole proceedings are the good Fairy and wicked Demon who vie for supremacy over each other by waging battle over the via the lives of these poor mortals.

Before long the babes are missing and everyone (except the Sheriff) is searching for them.

Were the babes be found in time in the woods safe and sound? Or did Dastardly Dave & Nasty Nick carry out their dirty deed? Did the Sheriff get his hands on their money? You had to be there to find out.
Whatever the outcome audiences were assured of a great show, with the usual, colourful, all-singing, all-dancing, thigh-slapping, sing-along, slapstick, rib-tickling, "He's behind you", "Oh no he isn't", laughs a-plenty, fun for all the family, pantomime frolics along the way.

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