2004 Puss In Boots

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This cracking show put a contemporary twist on the classic fairy tale, with a hilarious script written by one of our former members that makes this a truly unique pantomime.

Times are hard for the King and Queen of Moldonia, so much so that they hope to marry off their daughters Ophelia and Maud to a rich Prince (or two). Their son, Prince Steven, does not help matters by falling hopelessly in love with local peasant girl Mary. On the other side of the village, local lad Adam is cheated out of his inheritance by his elder brothers, dodgy Dick and dim-witted Bob. All he has left in the world is his cat, Puss.

Meanwhile, Thunderguts the Ogre’s reign of terror in the kingdom comes to an abrupt end when the citizens discover that he’s afraid of mice and he is banished from the kingdom. This wouldn’t be a panto without a villain to boo at, so there’s the wicked witch Calufrax who arrives and recruits Thunderguts as her accomplice and dreams up an evil plot to overthrow the kingdom. On discovering that Adam and Puss have overheard their evil plans, Calufrax casts a spell which goes wrong and turns Puss into a walking, talking, boot-wearing cat – this is panto after all!

Did Adam and Puss manage to save the day (and Moldonia)? Were Calufrax and Thunderguts defeated? The only one way to find out was to come along and enjoy this traditional family pantomime, be dazzled by the dastardly witch, be repulsed by the ‘orrible Ogre, fall in love with the beautiful Princesses and marvel at the only walking, talking cat this side of the M4!

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