2007 Saucy Jack & the Space Vixens

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This award winning musical-cum-cabaret, which premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, is designed to appeal to seasoned theatre-goers and young clubbers alike.

The show is set in “Saucy Jack’s” a seedy cabaret bar in a distant planet of the future, presided over by the charismatic Jack. It puts the audience at the heart of the action as they form the audience at Saucy Jack’s itself.

Alas, all is not well at Saucy Jack’s, for the cabaret acts are, one by one, falling victim to the notorious “sling-back killer”. The only clue is the stiletto heel of a sequinned sling-back plunged into each victim’s chest. Fortunately, the Space Vixens, a trio of sassy, glamorous, inter-stellar, super-fashion crime-fighters who derive their powers from disco (yes, that’s right, disco!) arrive to save the day.

With its high-energy dance score, including tracks like “Glitter Boots Saved My Life” and “All I Need Is Disco”, this cheeky, feel-good show had the audience grinning their hearts out, dancing along and screaming for more.

An amateur production in association with Samuel French

Book by Charlotte Mann
Lyrics by Charlotte Mann & Michael Fidler
Music by Jonathan Croose & Robin Forrest

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