2012 Robin Hood and Babes in the Wood

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In this witty combination of two favourite stories, the outlawed people’s hero battles the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham in a classic pantomime battle between Good and Evil.

The Babes' nanny, Nurse Norah, and Herman, the Sheriff's cowardly, bungling and very, very dim henchman, bring plenty of comedy to proceedings along the way. Can Robin, assisted by his band of Merry Men including Little John, Friar Tuck and Will Scarlet, and with a little help from the benevolent ‘Spirit of the Greenwood’, rescue the babes from the greedy, clutches of their uncle, the Sheriff, and win the hand of the fair Maid Marian?  Well, of course he can!  This is panto after all –with songs and laughter, mischief and mayhem this show is fun for all the family.

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