2017 Dick Whittington

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Dick sets off to London with his trusty cat, Tommy, to seek his fortune, enticed by rumours that the streets are paved with gold. But he soon finds himself cold, hungry, jobless and homeless. Until, that is, he meets wealthy merchant Alderman Fitzwarren, who is impressed by Tommy's rat-catching abilities, and his daughter, Alice, who is smitten by Dick's charms.

However, his fortunes soon take a turn for the worse as Dick is framed for theft by the villainous King Rat. Disgraced and outcast, Dick and Tommy leave London but are prompted to "Turn again" by the good Fairy Bow Bells.

And that's when things get really interesting! Accompanied by the gregarious dame Sarah, the cook, her daft son, Idle Jack and seafaring Captain Cuttle, Dick and the others set off on a swashbuckling, exotic adventure.

Pantomime virtuoso Peter Denyer's version of the classic tale features jokes aplenty, slapstick, larger-than-life characters, action and adventure, some magical goings on as good battles evil, audience participation and plenty of singing, dancing and fun to entertain the whole family. Oh yes it does!

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