1990 Mother Goose

Life is hard for kindly, bird-loving, widow Mother Goose and her two children, Jack and Jill, with bills to pay, and no money coming in to pay them with. Things look as if they couldn't get much worse - especially when Jack buys yet another goose at market. So, it's not long before their landlord, the greedy Sir Jasper is sending his bailiffs in to repossess their belongings. However, when Ermyntrude, the goose, suddenly reveals magical powers and lays a golden egg, it looks like all their troubles are over. Alas, of course, the fates intervene, and before long the golden egg is gone, and the goose has been stolen!

Were Mother Goose and family able to rescue the goose that lays the golden egg from danger, and themselves from poverty? Well, of course they did - this is panto after all - but not without plenty of escapades, hilarity, drama, romance, singing, dancing, and encounters with an evil demon, a good fairy, and an army of geese!

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