1991 There’s a Girl in My Soup

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This hilarious comedy by Terence Frisby, set in the 1960s, tells the story of Robert Danvers, a middle-aged "Casanova" and his relationship with 19 year old Marion.

Robert, a food and wine critic and a TV presenter, is exceedingly vain. When he and Marion meet, he doesn't believe for one minute that he can't "have her", because Robert gets everything he wants. Marion, who has just split up with her drummer boyfriend, Jimmy, when Robert comes on the scene, has no idea who he is or that he is famous. Since she has no where to go, Marion decides it will be fun to stay at Robert's flat in SW19. She is under no illusions about Robert's desire for a much younger woman, but decides to play him the way he plays other women. Thus, the sparring begins between the worldly wise Robert and the street wise Marion.

This comedy drama follows the trials, tribulations, similarities and differences between Marion and Robert as they embark on a two week 'holiday' to France where Robert is wine tasting.

Add to the mix, the sophisticated Clare Dorlaton-Finch, his best pal Andrew Hunter, the porter and his au pair, Paola, and you have all the ingredients of a traditional British farce.

So, what happened? Did the common Marion show Robert up? Did they fall madly in love? Or did Marion go back to Jimmy?

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