1991 Humpty Dumpty

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All is not well in King Addlepate the dozenth's realm of Goldova. Twenty years ago, his son Eggbert was stolen, as a child, and the very same day a huge egg appeared on the palace wall. Ever since that day, all the king's horses and all the king's men, including dopey Privates Rank & File, have been guarding it.

Meanwhile, Underdown, the ageing king of the goblins, continues to make regular demands for Princess Eglantine's hand in marriage of. However, he's so old he has forgotten why he wants her. So, he always settles for half-a-dozen golden eggs from the royal chickens, who are tended by chief chicken maid, dame Hetty Hencake. All is well, until trainee witchtlet, Chickweed, casts a spell, which stops the hens from laying. However, her boss has higher ambitions, and wishes to gain the King's crown. So, he and Chickweed cause the egg to fall of the wall, breaking to reveal Humpty Dumpty inside. Fowlpest hatches a plan to make Humpty Dumpty king, so that he can rule the country through him. However, his plan is jeopardised, when his pretty young trainee Chickweed, who cannot remain wicked for long, falls in love with Humpty Dumpty. Unfortunately for her, Humpty Dumpty is in love with the Princess. Alas, the princess is in love with dashing gypsy Romano, even though her father disapproves.

Will Fowlpest succeed in usurping the royal throne? And why does he look so familiar? Will Underdown's demands be met? Or will white witch Albumenia save the day. Can our star-crossed lovers find true happiness? Of course, this is panto, after all.

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