2009 Sleeping Beauty

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The long-awaited birth of their daughter, Princess Aurora, is cause for great celebration for irritable King Cosmo and mumsy Queen Nebula and the whole kingdom of Celestia.

The royal household is in a frenzy of preparations for the grand Christening, overseen by Percy (the royal style-guru), but events are nearly ruined when day-dreaming Mickey lets the magnificent christening cake, created by temperamental, celebrity-chef Luigi, burn. Fortunately, quick-thinking Molly (Mikey's girlfriend) comes up with a plan to save the day. So the Christening passes uneventfully with fairies bestowing magical gifts upon Aurora - until wicked fairy, Malevoline, places a curse on the baby princess as revenge for not having been invited to the celebration.

Much to everyone's horror, Malevoline decrees that when Aurora comes of age she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die. Fortunately, chief good fairy Lapi Lazuli is able to use her rusty magic to lessen the curse so that the Princess will only sleep for 100 years then to be awoken by true love's kiss from a handsome Prince.

Attempts to thwart the curse by banning spinning wheels from the kingdom and locking Malevoline in the deepest dungeon are, of course, futile and thanks to Malevoline's scheming, at the end of her birthday party the teenage Princess pricks her finger and falls asleep. So Lappy assisted by perennial trainee Fairy Nuff send the rest of the occupants of the castle to sleep for 100 years too. Now all they have to do is wait for a century and then find a handsome prince to break the spell!

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