2010 Cinderella

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This well known pantomime features all your favourite characters and promises laughs aplenty, all-singing, all-dancing, thigh slapping, rib tickling, "He's behind you", "Oh no he isn't", fun for kids from three to a hundred and three.

Bullied by her two Ugly Sisters, Cinderella's future looks bleak. When her cruel stepmother prevents her from attending the Royal Ball, she gets some unexpected help from her Fairy Godmother.

The story of this magical pantomime should need no explaining. With a fairy godmother, handsome Prince Charming, ugly sisters, wicked step-mother, Cinders' nutty inventor father, bungling bailiffs, amiable "Buttons", and of course the beautiful, but downtrodden Cinderella, it has all the ingredients necessary for a fun-tastic show for all the family.

How will the Prince ever find her when she flees at midnight, leaving behind a single glass slipper?

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