2013 Hansel and Gretel

Times are hard for poor woodcutter, Bruno, and his children Hansel & Gretel - but they get even harder when his new wife, the kid’s wicked step-mother, Ursula, insists the only way to save them all from starvation is to abandon the kids in the forest.

Thanks to Hansel’s ingenuity this proves more difficult than expected, but ultimately poor Hansel & Gretel find themselves stranded alone in the depths of the forest.  The pair’s hopes rise when a black cat appears who they follow to a clearing in the forest where they find a magical house made of gingerbread and decorated with sweets and icing.  Little do they know the cat is really the familiar of the Witch Hedwig and the house is really a trap to tempt them in so that she can eat them.  With the help of a couple of magical beings conjured up by the witch, who are made out of candy and chocolate respectively, the unsuspecting children are lured inside.

Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of the irrepressible dame Hildegard, her hapless assistant Heinz and a repentant Bruno, watched over by the good fairy Elfrieda whose rhymes aren’t quite so good.

Will they find Hansel & Gretel in time to save them from Hedwig’s cooking pot?  Or will they too fall victim to the charms of witch’s minions?  You’ll have to be there to find out!

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