2013 Eurobeat, Almost Eurovision

  • 2013-EB-Germany
  • 2013-EB-Sweden
  • 2013-EB-Russia
  • 2013-EB-Poster-Final
  • 2013-EB-Poland
  • 2013-EB-Italy
  • 2013-EB-Ireland
  • 2013-EB-Iceland
  • 2013-EB-Hungary
  • 2013-EB-Hosts
  • 2013-EB-Greece
  • 2013-EB-UK

Eurobeat is a riotously funny musical banquet, a glorious and dazzling homage to the biggest annual song contest in the world, LIVE ON STAGE! Winning Is Everything in Eurobeat. This critically acclaimed musical event gives audiences the power to decide which of the ten competing countries will win the coveted award!

No two shows are ever the same at Eurobeat! You and your fellow Europeans can affect the outcome, as no one knows who will be crowned the most ‘euro-tastic’ on the night… including the contestants! Grab a flag and get set for the best night out you will EVER have.

“Eurobeat - Almost Eurovision” originated in Australia in 2003 and following rave reviews at the Edinburgh Festival went on to tour the UK before transferring the London's West End

Set in Sarajevo, who have somehow won the rights to host this year's competition 10 countries - Italy, Poland, Iceland, United Kingdom, Hungary, Russia, Ireland, Greece, Germany & Sweden - complete to win the coveted crown.

Eurobeat Almost Eurovision (Sarajevo) By Craig Christie and Andrew Patterson
This amateur production in presented by arrangement of Josef Weinberger Ltd.

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