2014 Jack and the Beanstalk

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Dotty Dimple, her brave and bright son Jack, his daft brother Simple Simon and their cow Buttermilk live in the village of Peasleby Green.

At the village fayre Jack meets the royal family and falls for Princess Primrose the beautiful daughter of King Hubert and Queen Hyacinth.

Unfotunately the Princess is kidnapped by the wicked witch Picalilli’s henchman, Rancid the ratman and is taken to the Giant Buster Gut-bucket’s castle in the sky.

Forced to sell Buttermilk to make the money to pay their taxes to the blundering brokers men Snatchet and Scarper, Simon is tricked into exchanging the cow for magic beans which grow into a giant beanstalk.

Will Jack be able to save the day with the help of the good fairy Sugardust.

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